Why does AccuRadio play ads?

AccuRadio offers more than 600 different radio channels -- each one fully customizable by users and filled with hundreds to thousands of great songs -- completely free to users, available 24/7. Offering this kind of service incurs significant costs:

  • AccuRadio supports artists by paying a royalty to performers and songwriters for every song we play.
  • AccuRadio's service requires paying for a substantial amount of bandwidth every month, in additional to multiple web servers and other equipment.

To keep AccuRadio completely free for users, we run display and occasionally audio advertisements. These interruptions will happen much, much less than on AM/FM radio and even less than some other Internet radio services.

We understand an uninterrupted flow of music would be ideal, but we hope our listeners understand that without the support that advertising provides, AccuRadio would not be possible.

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