Why do you want people to register?

In short, for two specific reasons: (1) to enhance the revenue we earn from advertisers, which helps us continue to meet our rising costs to provide a free service; and (2) to better serve you the music and channels you're most likely to enjoy.

First, AccuRadio operates solely on the revenue we generate through advertising. These businesses want to know the geographic locations, age groups, and genders of those who enjoy AccuRadio and receive their messages.

As our music licensing and other costs continue to rise, it becomes increasingly important for us to ensure we can cover these costs to continue to provide our services. The best way to do that is to be able to provide marketers the information the need to make sure they're placing their advertising in the right place.

It's our aim to use the information you provide -- age, gender, and ZIP code -- to serve you the most appropriate advertising possible. It's important to note that advertisers do not get specific information about you. They simply are able to serve ads to listeners of particular age groups, genders, and/or locations.

Secondly, we want to be able to recommend to you other AccuRadio channels we think you'll enjoy. We can do that based on the channels you've already listened to and the music you've rated. But knowing some basic demographic information about our listeners helps us even more.