Updating Your Email Address for the AccuRadio Newsletter

Got a new email address?

Updating the email you use to log in to AccuRadio won't automatically forward your newsletters. Instead, you can direct future AccuRadio newsletters to your new inbox by following the steps below.

1. Check the end of a previous newsletter

Every AccuRadio newsletter has links at the very end. One of them says "Click here to edit your profile."

Two links at the very bottom of an AccuRadio email. One of them says "Click here to edit profile".

2. Log in with your old email address

Use your old email address to log in. This screen will not ask you for a password - it's just confirming which email address the request is coming from.

A single line of text and a text entry prompt

3. Update your account

Here's where you can enter your new email address! If you'd like to tell us a little more about yourself and what music you like, you have the option to do so here.

Remember to click the "Update My Profile" button at the bottom of the screen when you're done. That saves any changes you've made.

The edit profile screen, showing a series of text

And you're done! You should start receiving AccuRadio newsletters at your new email address the following day.

4. Unsubscribe

On the account editing page, there is a drop-down menu called "Permission to Email." Select "No" to unsubscribe.

The "Permission to Email" drop-down menu on the account editing page, with No selected

Can't access your old inbox to get to the link? Still have questions about our newsletter? - Let us know!