Registering With AccuRadio

When you register for a FREE account, you can improve your listening experience by saving your preferences from one listening session to the next. You also help AccuRadio stay on the air, by making sure the ads you see and hear better match your interests.

What's in it for me?

When you're logged in, AccuRadio will automatically keep records of which channels you've listened to, which songs you've heard, and what ratings you gave to any songs you rated. You can also customize channels by banning songs and artists, or by blending channels together.

Once you create an account, we'll also be able to recommend to you other AccuRadio channels we think you'll enjoy. We can do that based on the channels you've already listened to and the music you've rated.

Check out the links below, and some of the other articles here in our Knowledge Base. They'll help you learn to use all the great tools we have available for logged-in listeners!

What's in it for AccuRadio?

When you create an account, we ask for some general information about you. This includes your gender, your age, and your zip code. We do not sell or share your specific information with anyone. We only use this as general demographic information to select ad content that's more likely to interest you. For our advertisers, this makes logged-in listeners a more desirable audience.

That's the reason we're able to play ads less frequently when you're logged in. It takes a smaller amount of advertising to offset the cost of the royalties we pay to artists and record companies. AccuRadio operates solely on the revenue we generate through advertising. So the more time you spend listening while logged in, the more you help us stay in business and make sure we're able to keep improving our service.

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

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