Rating songs - how and why!

You can rate the songs you hear on AccuRadio! Once you create a FREE account with us and log in, you can rate any song you hear to make your listening even more enjoyable.

To do so, use the star icons shown on the right-hand side of the player while listening to AccuRadio. The range is 1 to 5 stars. A rating of 5 stars means you love the song, and 1 star means you hate it.

To the right of the player buttons, under "Please rate song", there are five stars. Hover over these to highlight your desired the number of stars and click to select your rating.

When you rate songs highly, we'll try to play them more often when you listen to channels where they're included. When you give songs a low rating, we'll try to play them less often for you.

Your song ratings also help us improve AccuRadio for everyone. The community rating of a song - drawn from all users who have rated it - has a long term impact on the song's frequency of play for everyone. So it's important to rate both songs you like and songs you dislike!

Rating a song one star does impact its frequency of play for you, as well as contributing to its community rating. However, it does not guarantee that you will never hear that song. You can learn how to ban music from a channel by following this link: Banning Artists and/or Songs.

Make sure you're logged in when you rate a song. We'll save your preferences across all devices!

If you have questions about rating songs this article didn't cover, or if you have comments or suggestions which might help us improve this feature - Let us know!

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