How to Use "My Channels"

The Basics

When you're logged into your free account on AccuRadio, you can easily view your history and favorites by clicking "My Channels". On desktop computers, it should appear just below the search bar on the upper left.

You can create as many Favorite channels as you like. Keep in mind that different login methods track Favorites separately. So if you create a Favorite channel while logged in with your email address, it won't be shown when you log in with Facebook and vice versa.

After clicking "My Channels", which is the first button below the search bar on the left, the center of the page shows two tabs, "My History" on the left and "My Favorites" on the right.

On mobile, you can view these lists using the History and Favorites tabs.

A screenshot of an Android device. The History and Favorites tabs are in the middle.

"My Channels" helps you keep track of which channels you've listened to and like best on AccuRadio. It is divided into two sections:

  • "My History" is a list of all the channels you've listened to, with the most recent at the top. You can start listening to one again by clicking on it from here!
  • "My Favorites" is a list of all the channels you've marked as your favorite.

Just click on any channel from this list to start listening to it right away!

Five Star Radio

Five Star Radio is a personalized channel which collects all the songs you've rated four or five stars.

This unique channel will always appear at the top of both your History and Favorites section. Even if you haven't rated enough songs to unlock Five Star Radio, its channel tile will appear at the top of your "My Channels" page on our website. It will remain greyed out until you unlock it.


Once you've unlocked Five Star, it will also be displayed in your Favorites on our mobile apps.



Rate songs while logged in on any device to add them to your Five Star channel. You can remove any song from your Five Star by changing its rating to three stars or fewer while it's playing.

Deleting Channels from Favorites and History

The rule here is: Delete favorites first!

As long as a channel is marked as your Favorite, it can't be deleted from your History. When you're in the "My History" tab, you can click "Edit" on the right to enter Edit mode. Any channels you have favorited will display a padlock icon, indicating that they can't be deleted right now.

A My History section in Edit mode. Padlock icons appear over two channels, but unfortunately the alt-text message does not change! If deletion is unsuccessful, you will have to double-check the My Favorites tab to see if the channel is there.

When you switch to the My Favorites tab, you'll see all the channels you've favorited. Click the Edit tab on the right to enter Edit mode, and delete the ones you no longer want in your Favorites.

After deleting a favorited channel from the My Favorites tab, a brief pop-up window appears indicating that the channel has been removed from Favorites. It immediately disappears from the Favorites list.

Now you can go back to the My History tab, click Edit to enter Edit mode, and delete the channel from your history as well.

The pop-up window which appears when you delete a channel from your history. It warns that all customizations affecting that channel will be deleted. The first button says "Yes, remove channel" and the second button says "No, go back"

A warning message will pop up to confirm you wish to remove a channel from your history. When you delete a channel from your history, all customizations for that channel will be deleted. Your AccuRadio account will not have a way to remember, for example, any songs you had banned from that channel.

This will not impact other channels. If you have rated songs while listening to that channel, your ratings will still exist and count towards your total ratings.

For example, while I still had "Artificially Intelligent" favorited, I rated a song:
The player while I am listening to a favorited channel, showing a count of how many songs I have rated.

After deleting "Artificially Intelligent" from my channel history in the example above, this song rating is still there. My total songs rated count was not reduced:
A song history page with the player showing. The same songs rated count as before is visible.

You can customize which channels appear in your Favorites, and which ones are displayed in your History, using the instructions above. However, please note that the Five Star Radio channel tile cannot be deleted.

Your Channels - Your Way!

Our goal is to make it as easy and pleasant as possible for you to find the music you like. We hope the History and Favorites sections will help all our listeners easily return to the channels they most enjoy.

Thanks for listening!

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

If you have questions about your "My Channels" page this article didn't cover, or if you have comments or suggestions which might help us improve this feature - Let us know!

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