How to Change Color Themes

We've created a fresh new look for our website!

Our listeners now have the option to change the look of AccuRadio by choosing different color designs called themes. Based on user surveys, many of our listeners prefer the Bright theme, which is now the default. However, we appreciate those who still prefer our Classic colors. We've also created some new options we think you'll enjoy.

Here's how to choose a new theme.

  • Click the Themes Button

In the upper right corner of the page, next to the Settings button, you'll find an icon with a painter's palette. Click this to go to the theme changer.

themes button to left of help button.jpg

The icons are arranged a little differently when a channel is playing.

themes button lower left .jpg

  • Select Your Theme

We have five Themes to choose from: Bright, Classic, USS Discovery, Colorful, and Bluer Than Blue.

Click on the theme you want to apply it to our website.


  • Relax and Enjoy!

Once you've chosen a theme, it will stay active when you leave the Theme Changer page. Your selection can be stored in your browser as a cookie. That means that you won't have to choose it again the next time you visit.