How do I create a favorite channel?

If you're logged in on AccuRadio we save all the channels you listen to in the "My History" section. But if you want to save some channels as favorites (much like a preset on your radio dial), here's how!

1 - Make sure you're logged in, or register for a free account on AccuRadio

2 - Start listening to the channel you want to make a favorite

3 - Click the "heart" icon on the left-hand side of the player

Click the heart icon to create a favorite

4 - That's it! You've added this channel as a favorite.

Keep in mind that each login method tracks favorites separately. So if you create a favorite channel while logged in with your email address, it won't be shown when you log in with Facebook or a different email address.

Please note: Right now, favorite channels do not save properly when selected through our Android app. The best place to save favorite channels is on a desktop computer.

Remove a favorite

To undo and remove this channel as a favorite, simply click the heart icon in the player again.

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

If you have questions about your "My Channels" page this article didn't cover, or if you have comments or suggestions which might help us improve this feature - Let us know!

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