Five Star Radio

  • What is Five Star Radio?

Five Star Radio is an unlockable channel available to logged-in users who have rated at least 20 songs. The playlist of your Five Star Radio includes every song you have given a rating of 4 or 5 stars. It's a great way to listen to all your favorites in one place!

  • Where can I find my Five Star Radio?

You can find Five Star Radio by clicking on "My Channels." It will always appear at the top of your Favorites on the AccuRadio website. Right now, this feature is only available on Stay tuned - we plan to add it to our Android and iOS mobile apps in late July 2017!

  • I'm on the website, but my Five Star radio is greyed out and I can't listen to it.

This channel is unlocked when you rate 20 songs. If you haven't rated enough songs yet, the icon will be grey.

  • Can I add more music to my Five Star Radio?

Yes! You can keep adding tracks to Five Star Radio after you've unlocked it. Add as many songs as you want! When you rate a song 4 or 5 stars, that automatically adds it to your Five Star Radio playlist. This applies to all songs, whether you're giving a new rating, or changing the rating of a song you've rated before. Of course, in order to add new songs, you'll need to listen to other channels - everything in Five Star Radio is something you have already rated!

  • How do I remove something from my Five Star Radio?

While you're listening to a song, change its rating to three stars or lower. That will also remove it from your Five Star Radio playlist. This works no matter what channel you're listening to at the time.

  • How close am I to unlocking Five Star Radio?

In the music player, we'll display the total number of songs you've rated just below the rating stars. You can also see your total by selecting "View rated songs" from the Settings menu (the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen).

  • Can I blend Five Star Radio with other channels?

No. Five Star Radio cannot be blended.

  • Some of my favorite songs are holiday songs, but I don't hear them.

For now, holiday songs won't be added in to your Five Star Radio channel, even if you've given them a rating of four or five stars. Later on in the year, we plan to give you the option of adding them back in if you wish.

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