Can I get AccuRadio on my [insert device name here]?

We currently offer a variety of free, highly-rated apps for various mobile devices. Here's an up to date list of the devices we currently support.

To find our app search 'AccuRadio', 'accuradio', 'aCcUrAdiO' or really any combination of the sort in your device's app store. And if you enjoy our free apps, please be sure to rate them!

Don't see your device listed above but want an app for it? Let us know!

Keep in mind though that since our channels are "customizable" (a listener can pause, skip songs, ban certain artists and songs, blend two or more channels together, rename their blends, etc.), they can't be accessed by stream aggregators that simply require a URL to tune in. In other words, to operate in an environment like this, we would need to build a custom application (or app) for the specific device (not unlike we've done for other mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Roku). However, if there is enough interest we'll certainly consider it so feel free to put up your suggestions!

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