Blending/Mixing Different Channels Together

Once you're logged in to your FREE AccuRadio account, you can blend our channels together to create your very own mix of streaming music.

A blended channel works just like a regular AccuRadio channel. You can rate songs, ban tracks or artists, and even share the channel with friends!

You can blend up to 15 channels together by following these steps.

Blend Channels Together

1 - Log in, or register for a free account on AccuRadio.

2 - Start listening to any channel.

3 - Click the "Blend" button in the player.

The "blend" button is just to the left of the "play/pause" button

4 - A message window will appear with an explanation of blending, and a prompt asking if you want to continue. Click "Yes! Let's blend" to continue.

"Yes! Let's blend" is the first button in the popup window

5 - A notification will appear in the player indicating that you're in blending mode. If you want to to exit blending mode, you can click the "X" next to the message.

A pop-up labeled "Blending!" just above the player buttons. A small X button on the right lets you exit

6 - Now select any channel on AccuRadio. A "Shuffle" icon will appear when you hover over a channel, indicating that you're about to add it to the blend.
While in blend mode, hovering the mouse over a channel displays a "Shuffle" icon instead of a "play" icon

7 - When you click on a channel, a message will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Click "Blend in" to continue.
A confirmation pop-up showing two channels. The first button says "No thanks" and the second button says "Blend in"

8 - Congratulations! The channels you selected are now blended together. The songs you'll hear on it come from the complete tracklists of every blended channel.

9 - If this is the first time you've blended a channel into the currently playing channel, you may see dialog asking if you want to rename the channel. Do so now or you can always change the name later in the "Channel Options" section of the player.

A pop-up window prompting you to rename the channel. First, an editable text box; second, a "No thanks" button; third, a "Rename" button

You can blend more than two channels together. Once you're listening to a blend you've created, you can click the Blend button again, then click on the new channel you'd like to add. The maximum number of channels which can be included in the same blend is 15.

Removing Channels From A Blend

To remove a channel from your blend, click the "Channel Options" link on the right-hand side of the player. If you have channels blended together, you'll see them listed under the "Included Channels" header. Click the "Remove" link next to any of them to remove them from your blend.

The "Channel Options" page for our example created channel, "Bot Around the Clock". The included channels, 1950s Rock and Android Uprising, are listed. Each is followed by a "Remove" link which can remove it from the blend.

You can also use the Channel Options page to rename a blend you've already created.

After Blending

Once you're finished creating a blend, you can still listen to the original, unblended version of a channel. Just use the search bar or the genre buttons on the left side to find it again. You can even create other blends based on the same channel.

My "Favorites" section, showing the original 1950s Oldies, my Five Star Radio, two blends based on 1950s Oldies, and one blend based on AccuClassical.

Deleting a blend

To completely delete a blend, click the "My Channels" link on the left-hand side of AccuRadio. This will bring up your "My History" section. Click the "Edit" link at the right-hand side of the page.

The first menu button below the search field on the left of AccuRadio is "My Channels." Inside the "My Channels" page are three columns; "My History", "My Favorites", and "Edit." Select "My History", then select "Edit."

(Make sure it is not one of your Favorites first - a blend must be removed from "My Favorites" before it can be deleted entirely.)

A red "X" will appear on each channel. Find the blend you want to delete and click it. A confirmation message will ask if you're sure you want to delete this blend. Select "Delete" if you want to remove it.

This is permanent. Deleted blends cannot be recovered.

A confirmation pop-up. The first button is labeled "Yes, remove channel; the second is labeled "No, go back."

Happy blending - and thanks for listening!

If you have questions about blending this article didn't cover, or if you have comments or suggestions which might help us improve this feature - Let us know! .