Banning Artists and/or Songs

When you're logged in to AccuRadio, you can customize all of our streaming channels to accurately reflect your tastes. One way to do this is to ban artists or songs from a channel. This removes them from the playlist which is used to select which songs you hear next.

These instructions describe how to ban a song or artist from a channel on our website. Keep in mind that this feature is also available on many of our mobile devices as well! Your ban information will carry from device to device as long as you are logged in. So ban an artist or song from a channel on the website and they will still be banned when you log in with your mobile device and vice versa!

Please note: The ban function applies to the artist or group who recorded a track from the channel to which you're currently listening. It does not ban the composer of the song, and it only applies to that channel.

Ban Artists and Songs

1 - Log in or register for an account on our website.

2 - To ban an artist or song from playing again on a channel you're listening to, click the "Ban artist/song" link on the right-hand side of the player, located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click the "Ban" link to the right of the player buttons

3 - A window will appear asking if you want to ban the artist or song. Make your selection.

Choose in the pop-up window if you want to ban the artist (first button) or song (second button)

4 - You're finished! The song or artist will not play again on that particular channel.


In order to comply with our license and with copyright law, every channel has to have a certain amount of music in it. If requested bans would drop any channel below that limit, banned songs will randomly be added back in.

One way to avoid having this happen is by using our Blend feature. This combines the full tracklists of two existing channels, giving you more room to cut songs out. Keep in mind, however, that whether it is a blend or not, each channel's maximum number of banned songs is 200 and its maximum number of banned artists is 100.

Un-banning Artists and Songs

Not tired of a song anymore and ready to put it back in?
Not sure what's banned from a channel and want to review?

You can easily find and edit your ban list for a channel as follows:

1 - Click the "Channel Options" link on the right-hand side of the music player. If the channel has banned artists or songs, they will appear under the "Banned artists" and "Banned songs" headers respectively.
Channel options link to the right of player buttons

2 - Click the "Add" link next to any of them to un-ban them and add them back into your channel.
Add link after song name returns song to playlist

Banned Artists and Songs Keep Playing

As described above, there are two reasons why a song or artist might still play after you have banned them:

  1. You've banned too many songs or artists, reducing the channel tracklist below the minimum threshold.

  2. You banned that song or artist from a different channel than the one to which you're currently listening.

Be sure to double-check the "Channel options" link if this happens. If your ban list is especially long or the channel is very focused, #1 might be the culprit. If you don't see the artist or song on the ban list, it's probably #2.

If you have questions about banning this article didn't cover, or if you have comments or suggestions which might help us improve this feature - Let us know! .