Banning Artists and/or Songs

AccuRadio is better than a normal radio station because you can customize what music you want to hear. You can do this by removing artists and songs from the channels you normally listen to. However, in order to do this you have to be registered with us. It's quick and simple to do and more importantly FREE. So sign up today to receive the perks of being a registered user.

These instructions are for how to ban on our website but this feature is also available on many of our mobile devices as well. It's also important to note that your banned information carries from device to device. So ban an artist or song on a channel on the website and they will be banned when you log in with your mobile device and vice versa!

Ban Artists and Songs

1 - Log in or register for an account on our website.

2 - To ban an artist or song from playing again on a channel you're listening to, click the "Ban artist/song" link on the right-hand side of the player.

Click the "ban" link in the player

3 - A window will appear asking if you want to ban the artist or song. Make your selection.

Choose if you want to ban the artist or song

4 - You're finished! The song or artist will not play again on that particular channel. There is a limit to the amount of artists and songs you can ban for a given channel so precede with caution.

Un-banning Artists and Songs

1 - Click the "Channel Options" link on the right-hand side of the music player. If the channel has banned artists or songs, they will appear under the "Banned artists" and "Banned songs" headers respectively.

2 - Click the "Add" link next to any of them to un-ban them and add them back into your channel.

Banned Artists and Songs Keep Playing

We understand how confusing this can be but remember, when you ban an artist or song while in a channel you only ban the artist or song for THAT particular channel. This is how the feature currently works so if you're seeing the same artists and songs over and over again even though you have banned them, take note of the current channel you are in and try to remember if you actually banned the artist or song for that channel. If you'd like to see this feature implemented some other way go ahead and Let us know! .

Also worth noting:
* = Banned artists and songs may still play to comply with U.S. copyright law. This usually only happens on channels with smaller playlists. That is to say if a channel has a small playlist and you ban a bunch of artists and songs to the point of say only a particular artist is now available on that channel we cannot play the channel like that which means some of those artists and songs you banned will have to be thrown back into the mix. We hope you understand.