AccuRadio on iOS Mobile Devices

AccuRadio on iOS Mobile

Our iOS mobile app is free! Here's where you can find it in the iTunes store:
AccuRadio app for iOS

This version of our app contains features familiar to our iOS users, such as the "Pick for me" button to choose a channel, and access to your Favorites and History while logged in. Five Star Radio is also available for logged-in mobile users who have unlocked their Five Star channel.

Plus, you can use our iOS mobile app to create blends.

Here some are tips and instructions for common questions about using this app.

Closing the Music Player

If you are listening to music using the AccuRadio app on your iOS device, switching to a new window just sends it into the background. It may continue to play music, and even if music is paused, it will continue to use power.

To properly close the player, select the Settings button. When the player is open, the Settings button is a gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Settings button is a gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen while the player is open.

Then select "Close player" from the Settings menu.

The "Close player" button is the last item on the Settings menu.

If the music player is open, even if it's paused, there will be a "Now Playing" button in the upper right corner of the Home screen. Tapping this button will return you to the music player.

The "Now playing" button in the upper right corner of the Home screen.

Mobile Data Usage

If you enjoy using AccuRadio through your iOS device on the go, it's important to make sure mobile data is turned on. Lack of access to data when you aren't connected to wifi can cause AccuRadio to crash.

If you prefer to limit your data consumption by only using the app while on Wifi, you'll want to turn mobile data off.

You can find the on/off toggle for cellular data on your device's Settings menu.


Blend on mobile

You can now create blended channels using our mobile app! Here's how.

While you're listening to a channel, open the Settings menu and select "Blend in new channel".

The "Blend" button is third from the top in the music player's Settings menu

You can then browse through our channels by genre, or search for the one you'd like to add.

Searching for a channel to add to a blend works just the same as searching for a channel to play.

Once you've selected a channel to blend in, you can give the blend you've created a name.

I've blended Chamber Music with Ambient Electronic and named it "Relax-o-tron"

Your new blended channel will appear in your Favorites. Blended channels will always have the "Blend" banner, so you can easily tell them apart from the original channels.

The new blend, Relax-o-Tron, is the second item on my Favorites list. Since I have Five Star Radio, it will always be the first item on my Favorites list.

If you'd like to remove a channel from a blend, you can select "Edit blend" from the Settings menu in the player.

You'll see a list of the channels included in the blend. Tap a channel to remove it.


Five Star Radio

Five Star Radio is now available on iOS mobile devices!

As long as you
* are logged in, and * have rated at least 20 songs, you'll be able to listen to your very own Five Star Radio. Be sure to check out the official Five Star FAQ on our website for more information.

When you're logged in, your Five Star channel will always appear at the top of your Favorites. You'll be able to see it on your Home screen and also under the Favorites tab.



For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

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