Safari: Update Settings to Allow Audio

Because of a recent update to the Safari Browser, some Mac users may find that AccuRadio will not load or play music. While we work on a long term solution to this problem, listeners who want to access our service through Safari can adjust their browser settings to allow music to play.

This excellent article on shows you how to enable audio on a website from the Safari menu:
Safari Now Disables Auto-Playing Videos. Here’s How to Allow Them for Certain Sites

Here's another way to change those settings, and review all the sites for which you have previously enabled audio.

After launching AccuRadio on Safari, click preferences on the Safari menu.


A dialog box will appear. Select the websites tab, and click on Auto-play on the left menu. All the websites which are currently open in your Safari browser will be displayed on the right.

Select AccuRadio from Currently open websites, and change the option from 'Stop Media with Sound' to 'Allow All Auto-Play’.


Once you have updated this setting, Safari will no longer block AccuRadio from playing music.

Now you can select a channel, and enjoy AccuRadio on Safari!

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

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