Playback Stops Mid-Song

If playback is stopping mid-song, or is chopping off the ends of tracks, one of these two things is usually the culprit.

Ad Blockers

AccuRadio stays on the air thanks to audio and visual ads. Running ad blockers in the browser you're using to listen can cause errors in the site. For the best experience, please be sure to either disable ad-blocking software, or add AccuRadio to the list of sites allowed to deliver ads.

Outdated Flash

Music playback stopping in the middle of a song on AccuRadio can also occur when your browser does not have the most recent version of Adobe Flash.

Please update to the very latest version of Flash (you can do so at Adobe's website). Then try using again.

If the problem continues, please open a new discussion and let us know about it. Be sure to let us know what version of Flash (check here), web browser and operating system you're using. Thanks!

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

Still having an issue after following these instructions? Experiencing a problem our Knowledge Base doesn't cover? - Let us know!

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