No Sound

If you are seeing the current song information but not hearing any sound, users have found it may be any of the following problems:

• Your computer's sound volume is muted or set too low

• Your computer speakers' volume is muted or set too low

• Your computer speakers are off

• Your computer speakers are disconnected from your computer

• You have headphones plugged in to your computer or speakers, preventing sound from playing out loud

A quick way to tell if it's something above is to try playing something else on your computer with audio, like a local music file or a YouTube video.

If you've tried all the above steps, and found that the sound on your computer is working but AccuRadio is still silent, you may need to send us a bug report

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

Still having an issue after following these instructions? Experiencing a problem our Knowledge Base doesn't cover? - Let us know!