Lost History or Favorites

Unfortunately, from time to time some information stored on your account may be lost. We are investigating the causes of these errors, and should be implementing some changes which will prevent this data loss soon. In the meantime, here is a bit more information on the kinds of data loss some users have experienced.

Additionally, our system saves information separately for each method of login. So if you most often log in using your email address, your saved Favorites, ratings and history would not be visible if you logged in through Facebook. If this is the case, your information may still be accessible!

  • Lost history

Clicking "View song history" on the Settings menu should display a list of songs you've recently heard on AccuRadio. If instead your recent song history is empty, as shown, that means this data has been lost.


However, you can still see any songs you have rated, by selecting "View rated songs" from the Settings menu. Ratings history is not affected by this error.

Channel history being lost in this way is also permanent, but even more uncommon than loss of song history. Once again, Five Star is not affected by this kind of error.

  • Lost Favorites

It is also possible for Favorite channels to be permanently lost, including Blends in some cases. However, lost Favorite channels can sometimes be recovered, without having to be re-created from scratch. Please note: Our Android app has an issue which can prevent Favorites from being saved in the first place, so it's best to select Favorite channels through our website instead.

There are two different types of error which can cause this problem. In one case, the data on your account is really lost, and any Favorites or Blends would need to be re-created. But there is a second kind of error which merely prevents channels from being displayed correctly, even though they are still saved on your account.

If the channels in the Favorites section of your "My Account" page have disappeared, please reach out to us and ask us to check on their status. We will be glad to assist you in recovering them if we can.

For additional information, please see these Knowledge Base articles:

Lost your Favorite channels and want to check on their status? Have another question on this topic the Knowledge Base doesn't cover? - Let us know!