How to Send AccuRadio a Bug Report

When you're experiencing an error when trying to use AccuRadio, it's best to try all the standard troubleshooting steps:

Technical Issues and AccuRadio

If the error persists even after you've tried them, we might ask you to send us a bug report, so we can better understand what's happening in your browser. This report is an image which shows a little more information about how your browser is working (or not) while you're on our site.

Please follow the instructions below to create this image. Then you can start a conversation in our Help forum, or post this image in a conversation you've already begun. We will do our best to find a solution to the problem you're encountering!

  • Step 1: Replicate the bug

In order for us to see what's causing the error, it needs to be happening. If you're having trouble launching channels, try to launch a channel. If you're having trouble logging in, try to log in, and so forth. Once you've managed to catch the bug in action, go to Step 2.

  • Step 2: Access your browser's data

Every browser has a built-in tool that allows website developers to look at its code while it's running.

If you right-click on any blank space inside your browser, a drop-down menu will appear. In Firefox and Internet Explorer, click "Inspect Element" to open the developer window. In Chrome, click "Inspect."



  • Step 3: Get a screenshot of the data

First, take at look at the window you've opened and make sure the correct tab is selected. In Firefox and Internet Explorer, the "Console" tab has the data we're looking for. In Chrome, that data is under the "Network" tab.



Once you've got the right data in view, press Ctrl+PrintScreen (or Cmd+PrintScreen if you're using a Mac).

The keyboard command Ctrl+PrintScreen grabs an image of what's on your screen right now. Hopefully, the data shown on that screen will give us the clues we need to figure out why AccuRadio's site didn't work properly in your browser.

  • Step 4: Save your screenshot

Open Windows Paint (or a similar simple image editing program).

Press Ctrl+V (or Cmd+V) to paste the screen-grab into the image editor.


The Select and Crop tools are a great way to choose which part of the image you want to send, and get rid of the rest. All we need to see is the browser where you're using AccuRadio - especially the data in the developer window.


Once you have the image the way you want it, save the file in a place where you can easily find it later.


  • Step 5: Send the image to us

Now you can take the bug report you created and send it to us, so our tech team can review the data from your browser and try to figure out what's causing the error.

You can attach the image to a discussion thread you've already started, or you can start a new thread. Click "Browse" to find the image you created using the steps above and attach it to your post.


Thank you very much for taking the time to gather this information!

Bug report data can help us solve technical problems so that we can make AccuRadio better for everyone.